Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It is so funny how different I spent this St. Patrick's Day from so many of the rest in my past. Usually St. Patty's Day meant waking up early and heading to the bars..... today I did wake up early, but it was to snuggle with my baby boy!!! Today we met up with two of my coworkers and their kids today at the outdoor mall. It was GORGEOUS outside. So sunny in fact, that as an unprepared new mommy, I had to go buy Owen a hat at one of the stores so the poor kid's bald head didn't get sunburnt!!! We had a good time, but Owen was fighting a nap (per usual) and was cranky the whole time. You will see what I mean in the pics :) On the way home I did enjoy a delicious Shamrock shake. It might not have been green beer, but it was a perfect alternative! Later on we met up with Owen's future bride Lexi and my friend Julie at a local park. We had fun swinging on the swings and talking. Overall, while this St. Patty's day was MUCH different then some others I have spent, it was an amazing way to spend our day.Here's some pics from our day :)

Angry Irishman
Swinging at the Park

Happy Owen

Mommy Thinks I'm Charming

So close to crawling!

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