Sunday, February 14, 2010

Owen's First Valentine's Day!!

Today was Owen's first Valentine's day, but more importantly, it was Daddy's 27th Birthday!Happy Birthday to my best friend, who is a wonderful husband, and an even more amazing Father.

Owen and I spent the morning together while Daddy went ice fishing with Grampa. It is so cute to hear Justin talk about how excited he will be when he can took Owen fishing. After Justin got home we went to his parents to celebrate his birthday, along with both of my sister in law's birthdays, Gee and Shannon. Owen had a really good day today!!! Sometimes when we take him to big family parties he has minor melt downs, but today he was perfect. He smiled and played,
and we all had a great day.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! This post wouldn't be complete without some pics of my favorite Valentine :)

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