Friday, February 19, 2010


It's crazy to me when I look back to Fridays years ago. In elementary school Fridays meant slumber parties at my best friend's house. In high school, Friday nights meant football games and National Coney Island. In college, Fridays meant going up to East Lansing for the weekend to spend times with friends, or going out on a night on the town back here at home. More recently, Fridays meant date nights and playing Wii with the hubby, or out with my girlfriends for dinner and drinks.

Today my Friday consisted of something much different, but so much more fulfilling. Gone are the Fridays spent getting my hair done, going to the tanning salon, and picking out an outfit for the night. Today I woke up with my son laying next to me sleeping peacefully. We ate breakfast and played with his favorite toy at the moment, his exersaucer. We practiced sitting up and we sang songs. And oh, did we laugh. Owen thinks his mama is hilarious!!! I rocked him to sleep, and he napped in my arms. And of course he jumped and jumped. He LOVES to jump! Tonight, Friday night, will mean the same as nearly every Friday night as of late. Pizza with daddy (well sweet potatoes for Owen), bathtime, cuddle with mama and read books, and bedtime. If we are feeling crazy tonight, my friend Julie might come by with the Future Mrs. Owen, Lexi.

Do I miss the Friday nights of my past? Absolutely! But I would never in a million years trade in how I spent my Friday today.... with the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen.

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